Welcome to a special type of Treasury, one that contains rare and valuable goods, but also one that is geared towards sharing them with any and all that have a passion for them. These are for collectors , and give a unique opportunity not only to enjoy the items, but also to own a small piece of them. These items are for sharing, and the expectation is that they will not be sold, so that they can be enjoyed for decades and decades.

Snow White Image


The first item in the Treasury to be shared is a special original work of art from 1937 by Gustaf Tenggren , the artwork that was turned into the movie poster for Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs. Before the internet and even TV, a piece of art had to be the driver for whether or not someone would watch a movie. For the first full length feature film that Disney released, and the first full length animated feature anywhere, it was a risky gamble. Luckily for everyone, this gamble paid off, and instead of going bankrupt Disney turned into the Goliath that is around today.