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NFTs take up no specialized space . A limiting factor in many collections is the practical aspects of the care of a collection, for starters:
  • The need to store it securely and safely.
  • Away from extreme weather.
  • Covered by insurance.
  • Temperature, humidity and light controlled.
  • Sufficient physical space.
With NFTs, you will have the opportunity to display them virtually any way you wish, interact with them, and buy/sell them, all without having to concern yourself with damaging the collectible. Once the physical item is desired, the simple redemption of the NFT gets the collectibles shipped to you. Afterwards, when you wish to sell the NFT again, return the collectibles and the NFT is reinstated.


Allowing you to make decisions that can increase the value of your NFTs NFTs are largely like artwork, immutable. This means there is nothing that the owner can do themselves to affect the value. However, being paired with the physical collectibles, the owner can have their collectibles signed, graded, etc. InTrove can negotiate a signature by the creators, get it professionally graded, or even scan the interior of any collectible.


Look inside your sealed collectible! Why scan, you might ask? When an item is graded, it is sealed in tamper proof plastic making a book unable to be read, or a video game box where you can’t see the cartridge or instruction manual inside. With an NFT, we can take detailed scans and allow the owner to digitally enjoy them, something that cannot be done with physical collectibles as they exist currently. The collectibles can be displayed digitally and digital interactions would allow reading, listening, and more with your collectibles without diminishing value.
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Realize an instant sale Collectibles predictably gain in value, with the understanding that they have an inherent value. This means the NFT that represents the physical object has an inherent value, added on to by the creation and management of the NFT. With an NFT, the owner can realize an instantaneous buy or sell, something that cannot be duplicated in the physical world. The same item can be repeatedly bought and sold on the same day, something that a physical object cannot duplicate.
Please note that the storage and insurance will be covered for a six month period from each purchase of the NFT, provided that the sale amount covers the value (in the case it does not InTrove will reach out to the new owner and inform them of the value they will be required to pay). After the six month period, InTrove will provide an estimate on charges should the client wish to still keep the physical object in storage.
In the case that the collectible is requested, the customer will redeem their NFT to InTrove , and InTrove will provide an estimate on the cost to ship and insure the item to the customer. Should the client then wish to sell the NFT later on, they can send the physical collectible back, and the NFT ownership will be returned to them.