Connecting Physical Collectibles with Digital NFTs

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The ultimate collection is a goal of many collectors - such as a rare complete run of a series, or an entire set of a particular character. But curating these comprehensive collections can be a difficult and time-consuming undertaking, with risks around quality and legitimacy, and not having the right contacts to obtain super rare items.

InTrove will work with you to build the collection of your dreams in the crypto space. We can even help you have the best collection in the world and turn it into lucrative and dynamic NFTs. We have that experience and we have those contacts to bring your dream to life. This collection-building concierge service is an exclusive service because of the in-depth nature of searching out rare collectibles and personally connecting with our collectors. At present we are working with collectors who are building super rare or exclusive collections of $1,000,000+ and wanting to pair them with NFTs.

If you are a collector interested in this exclusive service, contact us with your list, the condition range, and your budget. If your client application is accepted, we will reach out to you with next steps of how we can work together to build your collection.

We can be contacted at to start the conversation.